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126 km/h over the Limit in a Rental Car

This is insane! I regularly drive 20-25 km/h over the limit on divided highways when prudent, i.e. traffic, road conditions and weather permitting. This driver got caught at 226 km/h in a 100 km/h zone! That's 140 mph in a 62 mph zone for our friends to the south using the weird measurements. Approx. 2 hours before sunrise, with temperatures in the -15 C (5 F) range, in a rental Malibu (so in a car with which he's probably not very familiar).

Just west of Telford is where the highway changes down from a divided highway to a two-way limited-access highway. This article doesn't say on which section he was clocked, so he may even have been driving on a non-divided section of highway.


The rental car company isn't going to be his biggest fan...

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