I suspect you don't actually mean copper pipe. I've seen people use a piece of cast iron pipe for this, but copper pipe wouldn't stand up to the amount of force you'd be applying; it would bend too easily, unless it was some ungodly gauge, in which case you should be taking it to a recycler and getting some cash for… » 7/17/14 11:54am 7/17/14 11:54am

You just echoed my favourite rant about Ontario. A car can have flapping fenders, a dangling wired-on bumper, red tape for taillights, a garbage bag for the front passenger's side window and no mirrors, and as long as it passes an OBD-II scan and reports all systems are in a "Ready" state, you can register it for… » 5/22/14 5:58pm 5/22/14 5:58pm

Pffft, it's easy to match up a pickup truck with the same engine as a car.... how about a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II Wagon tow car and a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II Hardtop drag car with identical 426 Hemi drivetrains, right down to wheels & tires? » 4/09/14 3:58pm 4/09/14 3:58pm

Chevrolet's page for the Z06 still officially says "at least 625 HP" and you're making the claim on their behalf that it "has 630 RWHP"? So if you assume a 15% power loss through the drivetrain, you say it "has" 740 HP. Do you honestly think that Chevrolet would only say "at least 625 HP" if it was going to be 700+? » 4/01/14 10:35am 4/01/14 10:35am